NOYQ Beginner
Fencing Program

The NOYQ Beginner Fencing program is a private program designed for the residents of 77 and 99 Harbour Square. See below for program details.

NYOQ Beginner Program

This is an introduction to fencing, where you will learn the terminology, steps, arm and hand movements to the sport. Beginner level is designed to fully prepare students for the novice fencer program.

Program Details

There are two options to sign up for the NOYQ Beginner Program. You can reserve your spot by making a deposit for the use of club equipment; which includes a mask, a glove (left or right), a jacket, and a sabre sword. You can also sign up for the program and pay for the equipment deposit if you prefer.

Reserve Spot + Equipment Deposit

The deposit covers the rental fee of the equipment for this beginner program (mask, jacket, glove, and sabre). The deposit is refunded once the equipment is returned at the end of the NOYQ Beginner Program. The deposit will not be refunded should you decide to keep the equipment. The deposit reserves a spot in the program, however, the program fee of $200 must be paid prior to your first class, or can be paid upon arrival.

Program + Equipment Deposit

This is a one-month complete payment for the program and a desposit for the usage of club equipment.

**This option is not required to reserve your spot within this program, however, the program fee must be paid prior to your first class, or can be paid upon arrival to your first class.**

NOYQ Beginner Program Location & Hours