Sabre Fencing Coach Nik Lavorato

Coach Nik

Sabre Coach

  • 25 + years of Fencing experience
  • Competitive fencer
  • 16 + years of experience teaching children and adults

Coach Nik has been fencing for 25 years and has spent the last 16 years teaching kids and adults the Olympic sport of fencing. As a Canadian himself, he was ranked 9th in Canada and first at the Ontario provincial championships during his competitive fencing career. Despite his success, he is most proud of seeing his students succeed. Many of Coach Nik’s students have made it to the Canadian National team, and have attained scholarships to Toronto Metro University. 

Coach Nik is always willing to put in the time for his students to achieve any level of success they wish to pursue. He is excited to bring his skills and experience to others, in order to help them achieve their highest level of success.