Can I rent equipment for a movie?2023-06-12T21:55:14-04:00

Yes, we rent out equipment for such purposes. The rate is $40 per day.

Are you open on Holidays?2023-06-12T21:54:19-04:00

No, we are not open.

I missed some lessons, can I catch up?2023-06-12T21:58:34-04:00

For the Beginner program, you must make up classes. Once you are experienced it is okay to miss a class, we understand sometimes things happen.

Do you have female coaches?2023-06-12T21:50:39-04:00

At this time, we do not have a female coach.

Is the cost for a membership per month or per lesson?2023-06-12T21:58:57-04:00

Our Monthly membership is $120 per month, however, we also offer a Drop-In program (for experienced Fencers) of  $30 per visit. Our Beginner program rate is $120 for four lessons.

I’m older, should I purchase private lessons instead of group lessons?2023-06-12T21:59:04-04:00

We highly recommend group classes but understand the desire for private lessons, our rates vary depending on coaches. There is a minimum $100/hr fee for a beginner lesson. You will have to arrange this in advance by contacting us at info@bladeworksfencing.com.

What does your class mostly consist of, children or adults?2023-06-12T21:39:38-04:00

We accept children 12 years of age and up. However, our fencers are of all ages.

Do you offer summer workshops?2023-06-12T21:35:54-04:00

At this time, we are not offering any workshops. We operate twice a week with consistent coaching for you to develop.

How much does equipment cost?2023-06-12T21:33:46-04:00

For beginners, we recommend just the basics. The average price is about $500 but it does vary. We also have previously used equipment and the cost may average $200. Please contact us at info@bladeworksfencing.com for more information.

If you would like to purchase equipment, visit our store.

Do I need to acquire an OFA membership prior to the lessons?2023-06-12T21:59:20-04:00

At the Beginner level, an OFA membership (Ontario Fencing Association) is not a requirement. However, it is a requirement for experienced Fencers.

If I ordered equipment, but haven’t received it, do I have to rent equipment?2023-06-12T21:26:46-04:00

No, if you purchased equipment from our Shop, you will be able to use our equipment until your equipment arrives.

Would it make sense for me to join an ongoing lesson series in the middle?2023-06-12T21:59:28-04:00

If you are experienced, then yes. However, if you’re a beginner, we recommend that you join our Beginner program.

Is there progression with the lessons?2023-06-12T21:59:38-04:00

Definitely. All levels of fencing have progression.

What time does the class end?2023-06-12T21:12:31-04:00

Class ends at 8:30 pm, however, you can leave the club anytime, but most of our Fencers are gone by 10:30/11 pm.

What is the class schedule?2023-06-12T21:10:30-04:00

For Sabre, it’s 7:00 pm. For Foil and Epee it’s 6:00 pm. We don’t offer beginner foil, only experienced fencers can attend.

How many days per week can I attend?2023-06-12T21:08:20-04:00

For Beginners, it is only on Tuesdays. For experienced fencers, Tuesdays and Fridays. See the complete schedule.

I’m new to Fencing, which option do I choose?2023-06-12T21:01:01-04:00

If you are new to Fencing, the Beginner program is the best option.


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