Learn how to
Fence in the
Heart of Toronto

Welcome to
Bladeworks Fencing Club

Do you want to learn a sport and have a great workout at the same time? Fencing provides this and more. At Bladeworks, we offer a beginner program where you will learn all the movements, terminology, and strategy that goes into a very enjoyable, recreational activity.

Monthly Membership – $120 per month

Drop-In Fencing – $30 per session (open sparring, additional Level 2 class, or private lesson)

I started fencing at Bladeworks 7 years ago and it’s become like a second family to me. The coaches are incredible and know how to push you as much as you want to be pushed but are also very willing to explain and breakdown the reasons for individual moves and strategies. The class atmosphere is super positive and encouraging, despite (or maybe because of) the very mixed levels of people fencing together. If you want to learn how to fence in Toronto, this is the place!

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August 20, 2019